Lincoln Vs. Hobart Mig Wire

Are you a newbie in the welding world? You have probably heard about MIG welding. Most beginners believe that this is one of the easiest forms of welding to learn. Different types of welders, at some point, try MIG welding not only due to its simple learning curve but also its multi-function use.

Before you can start performing any of the functions of MIG welding, you need to find a quality MIG welding wire for the job. Most of the well-known MIG wires are durable and flexible. The two common names you will likely come across in your search for the best MIG wire is Hobart and Lincoln. These are companies that have been manufacturing welding products, including MIG wires, for years.

Understanding what makes Lincoln MIG wires different from Hobart wire should be your starting point. That is where we come in. We not only tell you the difference between these two models but also give you additional information to transform you into a professional welder. Go through our discussion below to learn more.

Comparison table

Lincoln MIG wire
Hobart MIG wire
Stainless steel-copper coated
Carbon steel
8.5 x 8.5 x 2.8
8. 3 x 8.1 x 2.6
Not available
13 pounds
10 pounds
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How do Lincoln and Hobart MIG wires compare?

Even though Lincoln and Hobart MIG wires come from reputable manufacturers, they have the following differences.

  • Application

If you want to conduct onsite welding or are a farmer specializing in agricultural welding, you need to choose Hobart MIG wire. While this wire welds well even on dirt steel surfaces, you should only use Lincoln MIG wire on clean surfaces that don’t have dirt, oil, or rust. The welding MIG wire does not respond to such contaminants well. Lincoln MIG wires are therefore suitable for applications such as automotive repair, petrochemical, transportation, marine, and power generation.

  • Material

The materials used to manufacture these MIG wires are also different. While Hobart MIG wire is made from carbon steel, Lincoln wire is made from stainless steel and coated using copper. These materials have a significant impact on the durability of each MIG wire. While most people find Lincoln MIG wires long-lasting, welders that use Hobart wires have some complaints regarding their durability. Some reveal that due to poor packaging, it tends to get damaged easily.

  • Features

Even though both Hobart ad Lincoln MIG welding wires offer excellent welds, they have some different features. For instance, Lincoln comes with a wire spool. You have to buy this feature separately if you choose Hobart MIG wires. Though you may have some difficulties finding the right spool size from choosing Lincoln MIG wires, you will not incur more costs from purchasing this feature separately.

  • Spatter levels

Spatter refers to the little blobs of metal that are produced during the fusing process. As you weld, you need to choose a wire that produces the lowest level of spatter. MIG wires are known to produce different amounts of spatter. Lincoln MIG wire does an excellent job of minimizing spatter so that you can enjoy a less messy welding environment. Though Hobart MIG wires work well, you may experience more spatter from using this wire as opposed to its counterpart.

  • Price

The cost of MIG wires is a crucial factor that you need to consider since it can affect how much you will spend on the entire project. When it comes to buying welders, most people tend to assume that the most expensive equipment is the best. This notion can sometimes be wrong since some suppliers are just out there to make money at your expense. In comparing the two models, we found out that Hobart MIG wire is a bit cheaper than Lincoln wire. The high quality of Lincoln MIG wire, however, makes it worth it since it gives you value for your cash.

Lincoln MIG wire

Lincoln is one of the largest producers of MIG welding wires that gives you diverse choices to choose from. The company is determined to creating welding MIG wires that suit most of the welding applications. You can, therefore, compare and pick from the different Lincoln MIG wire models available online. In this discussion, we will not focus on a specific Lincoln model but discuss the entire brand in general.

MIG welding wires from the company are mostly made from stainless steel. You may also find a Lincoln model that is coated with copper. They are mostly used in different fabrication jobs. For you to enjoy the best performance from using this MIG wire, you should use it on a clean surface. The material you are working on should not only be free from dirt but also rust and oil that can affect the weld quality.

Lincoln MIG wires have high levels of manganese and silicone oxidizer. Most welders like the excellent arc characteristics of Lincoln MIG wires. You can use this wire together with various shielding gases such as blends of carbon dioxide and argon or oxygen and argon. Since this is a gas shielded welding wire, you need to maintain its use indoors to avoid subjecting it to extreme wind conditions. Such wires can also weld in different positions. Most welders like the fact that this wire can weld through different metal types.

Though it delivers smooth welds, some people feel that it does not offer as deep penetration compared to flux-cored welding wires. It, however, tries to remain consistently smooth even when you are working with extreme heat. It not only runs well but also produces minimum spatter. During your purchase, the minimum sizes of the wire and spool may be a limitation.


  • It feeds well
  • Produces low spatter
  • Smooth flow
  • Appealing weld appearance
  • It is affordable


  • Limited spool sizes


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Hobart MIG wire

Hobart Mig WireThe company that produces this MIG wire uses carbon steel material in its making. It is a welding wire that can enable you to perform multiple welding tasks. When you are using a welder with shielding gases, you need a welding wire that can minimize porosity. That is what you get from choosing Hobart MIG wire. It comes with a deoxidizer that enhances its performance.

People who deal with construction work require farm implement fabrication. Choosing this MIG welder can help you fulfill your particular needs. It ensures that you get smooth beads every time and leaves surfaces clean so that you don’t have a bad experience from excess soot that sometimes develops from using a poor quality MIG welding wire. Working with a clean surface also enhances faster and more efficient wire feeding.

Ensure you purchase a spool as you buy this wire. Most people like it because it delivers consistent feeding and prevents you from dealing with snags, which can be quite irritating. You don’t have to remove a lot of waste at the end of your welding session since the welding wire creates clean beads.


  • The MIG wire feeds smoothly
  • Leaves a clean surface
  • Multipurpose use
  • Has a deoxidizer for enhanced performance
  • It reduces porosity


  • Some welders are not impressed with the quality standards of this MIG wire
  • Medium spatter


If you want to boost efficiency and productivity in welding, you should consider using MIG welding wires. DIY welders, farmers, and motorcyclists can make different types of fabrications and repair various materials from MIG welding. Choosing the best MIG wire should be a priority. We focused on Lincoln and Hobart MIG wires and found some similarities and differences.

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A good welding MIG wire should ensure that you get a sound and robust weld regardless of the material you are working on. That is what you should expect from choosing Lincoln MIG wires. Though Hobart MIG wire puts up a good fight, it cannot match the high-quality standards of Lincoln MIG wires. These not only feed well but also flow nicely. You will like the excellent appearance of the welds that you get from using Lincoln MIG wires.


What is MIG welding?

This is the process of arc welding whereby you feed a solid wire electrode through a gun into a weld pool. It enables you to join two metals together. MIG stands for metal inert gas since during welding, a shielding gas is sent through the gun to ensure that the weld pool is not contaminated.

Which material is suitable for MIG welding?

You can perform this form of welding on steel metals that range from 24 gauge to ½ inches thick.

Why do I have to clean the metal before using the Lincoln MIG wire?

Preparing the metal before using this wire enables you to get rid of any contaminants that may interfere with the wire feeding performance.

What form of electrode polarity does MIG welding require?

Unlike flux-cored welding wires which require straight polarity, MIG welding needs reverse polarity. Ensure you look at the inside of your machine to confirm the polarity connections before you start welding.


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