Hobart Handler 190 Vs. Lincoln 180

Finding the right welding machine for your needs should be a priority. Apart from considering the specific requirements, your level of experience should also influence your decision. We recommend that you choose a welder from a reputable brand.

Some of the options you have are Hobart handler 190 and Lincoln 180. Both models come from well-known companies that have been in business for decades. Comparing these two models can help you identify the right one so that you make a good investment. Our aim today is to save you from the frustration of choosing the wrong welder by informing you all you should know regarding these two models. Read on!

Comparison table

Product Hobart handler 190 Lincoln 180
Functionality MIG welding MIG and flux cored welding
Material thickness 5/ 6 inches 3/ 16 inches
Input power 230V 230/208V
Weight 80 pounds 68.5 pounds
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How do Hobart handler 190 and Lincoln 180 compare?

From the names, you can quickly tell that these two models have different manufacturers. Though both brands have an excellent reputation, each model has outstanding features that make it competitive in the industry. Here are some of the differences.

  • Welding capabilities

While Hobart handler 190 is solely a MIG welder, Lincoln 180 offers both MIG welding and flux-cored welding capabilities. This makes Lincoln 180 more versatile compared to Hobart handler 190. Lincoln 180 was made for a wide range of uses.

  • Voltage input

Lincoln 180 is a solidly built welder that offers more options in regards to the voltage input. Choosing this welder allows you to enjoy the dual power input. You can either work with the 230 or 208V input. Having multiple input capabilities makes Lincoln 180 a multi-talented welder. Hobart handler 190 is, however, limited when it comes to the voltage input since it cannot use regular household electricity.

  • Technology

One of the reasons that make Lincoln 180 stand out among most welding models is its unique technology. Unlike Hobart handler 190, Lincoln makes use of diamond core technology, which enhances stability while at the same time holding the arc. It also makes it easy for you to regulate the current flow and prevents saturation.

  • Features

Each of the models has some unique features that you should know about. For instance, Hobart handler 190 features a Spoolrunner 100, which ensures that you don’t experience any feeding issues as you weld aluminum. This feature may not be present in Lincoln 180, but the manufacturer of the second model makes use of a heavy-duty wire while creating Lincoln to reduce the risk of the wire twisting or smashing. The drive motor of Lincoln 180 comes in a closed design, which ensures that you enjoy a trouble-free operation.

  • Warranty

Though both companies accompany their products with a warranty, you get a longer warranty period for choosing Hobart handler 190. This welder comes with a 5-year warranty that should save you extra costs of replacing faulty parts within an extended duration. Lincoln 180, on the other hand, has a three-year warranty for the welder.

Hobart handler 190?

If you are searching for a cost-effective welder that can weld through different materials, you should consider choosing Hobart handler 190. This not only works on steel but can also weld aluminum. It is, therefore, a versatile welder that has a lot of power. Most welders like its sturdiness and ease of use.

Like some of the welders available, Hobart handler 190 was designed mainly for non-industrial purposes. Though it is mostly used at home, it still has some power to handle occasional heavy-duty tasks. Due to its impressive thickness range as well as its power capabilities, Hobart handler 190 is suitable for applications for DIY projects, construction as well as automotive work.

You will also like the compact design of this welding machine. If one of the factors you are keen on when choosing a welder is portability, then Hobart handler 190 should not disappoint. The manufacturer also designed this welder with newbies in mind. It is a simple welding machine to learn and operate. The welder needs an input power of 230V. This implies that it does not work with the regular household outlet. You can, however, power this welder with a generator and use it to weld even in the most remote areas.

The welding machine gives you at least seven voltage selections, as well as enhanced magnetism to boost productivity. You also get to enjoy wire speed control, which enhances arc performance. Such features also minimize clean up after welding since minimal spatter is produced. Since you don’t have to deal with a lot of sparks during welding, you can make better-looking beads.

Even though Hobart handler 190 provides a wide welding range, it is not the best when it comes to welding very thick or very thin metals. It only produces quality welds to materials that have a thickness ranging from 24 gauge- 5/ 16″. One of the special features available here is the SpoolRunner 100, which minimizes feeding issues which is common in welding aluminum. It also comes with pre-built circuitry so that you can start welding immediately.


  • Has user-friendly controls
  • Contains a built-in contactor
  • Short circuit protection available
  • You get a five-year warranty
  • It is versatile
  • Allows aluminum welding


  • Not ideal for heavy industrial jobs
  • The welder cannot work with the standard household outlet


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Lincoln 180

A lot of hobbyists and beginners like the capabilities of this welding machine. It not only performs MIG welding but can also handle flux-cored welding. If you have some casual automotive tasks or a hobby project that needs welding, you need to consider getting Lincoln 180. The welder has the adequate power you may need to melt even heavy metals. It also gives you the freedom to adjust to power when you are working on a fine metal such as aluminum.

Though the versatility of this welder is undeniable, you may have problems trying to move it around from one working station to another since it is quite heavy. You should consider buying a cart if you plan on moving it a lot. Since the welder offers dual power input, it can adapt to numerous uses. You can even power it using a generator of 6900 watts.

This welding machine also makes use of patented technology, which offers a ‘forgiving’ arc. It also prevents you from experiencing high spatter levels while welding. Welders also like the brass-brass connectivity of this machine, which ensures maximum conductivity. Make use of the control knob to adjust the output levels based on the thickness of the material you intend to weld.

Unlike some of the models, the duty cycle of this versatile welder is impressive. It has a duty cycle of about 30% @ 130 A. As long as the metals you want to weld are below 3/16 inches in thickness, you should have no problem using Lincoln 180. Farmers, backyard mechanics as well as fabricators love how great this welder machine performs.

As part of your package, you get a spool gun, which you can use instead of the conventional MIG gun. The manufacturer adds a tough PC board protection to seal the fragile components of the welder from the environment. The plastic tray added to this welder makes it more rigid and enhances shock resistance.


  • Dual voltage capability
  • It is a heavy-duty welder
  • The equipment can weld both thin and thick materials
  • Lincoln 180 is not only versatile but also affordable
  • It is well built


  • The power output is limited
  • Limited warranty


Hobart and Lincoln have always competed for the attention of welders across the globe. Though both manufactures are well recognized for the production of high-quality welders, Lincoln does an incredible job in the creation of Lincoln 180. This model excels in that it can handle numerous tasks. After comparing Hobart handler 190 vs. Lincoln 180, we concluded that the second model is a better option.

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This is because Lincoln 180 offers both MIG and flux-cored welding capabilities. It also provides dual power input and uses a unique technology known as the diamond core mechanism. Unlike Hobart handler 190, Lincoln 180 can weld both thinner and thicker metals. It has numerous applications and can last for long without getting damaged. If you want a durable welding machine that gives you more welding possibilities, then Lincoln 180 should be an ideal choice.


Do you get a gas set up when you purchase Lincoln 180?

No. You have to set it up on your own after purchasing this welding equipment.

Does Lincoln 180 contain a cooling fan?

Welding involves the production of excess heat, which can affect the life span of its components. To prevent this, Lincoln 180 contains a cooling fan that prevents overheating of elements.

Can Hobart handler 190 weld aluminum?

Yes. This model offers a spool gun for aluminum welding.

Between Hobart handler 190 and Lincoln 180, which of the two is suitable for heavy-duty jobs?

Most professionals prefer using Lincoln 180 since it is more suitable for such tasks.

Tom Higgins

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