About Us

The contribution of welders in the world is immense, especially in the construction and industrial sector. And the best thing about it is that it is a skill that can be learned in less than four years of college and still offer a decent living. Our purpose, therefore, is to ensure that you can access the best welding machines that are not only functional but also durable.


Knock offs abound in any niche market and there is no telling when you will meet with one; we, therefore, emphasize purchasing electronic products directly from the companies or from the recommended retail outlets. If you check some reviews, they do feature some preposterous accusations that don’t exist, simply because people decided to purchase welders from unauthorized outlets.

Our mission, therefore, is to offer the most recent and relevant information as concerns the welders and their accessories. Most welder manufacturers are in the process of innovating some of their welders in a bid to gain a competitive edge over their rivals, you will, therefore, find that the new innovative welders save time and power and operate more smoothly.

There fore, apart from providing you with information about welding machines, welding processes, and welding wires, we also compile information on the safety precautions that welders need to observe. Electrical welding is a very risky job and most of the time when care is not taken people’s lives are put at risk.

Risks such as giving a beginner a welder to work on a big project could turn out to be costly for the workshop owner and even to the person handling the welding machines. There is so much that goes into welding that people take for granted and besides achieving the perfect weld is not exactly a walk in the park.

We, therefore, provide information on the different types of welders, how they are operated and even suitable welding wires that can be adopted for the different welding applications. What is the point of investing in a machine that will gather dust on the shelves, before you are able to use it, or why should you invest in a welding machine that is not suitable for the pending process?

All the above are factors that we look into in detail so that whenever you handle a welder you are able to make informed decisions and choices. Welding might seem like an easy career to get into but once you start working is when you will realize how involving and draining it can be. Therefore if you plan on being a welder then love the job and you won’t think of quitting once things get thick.