Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Reviews

Lincoln for a long time has strived to be unique when it comes to its welding and cutting equipment. The manufacturer is one of the companies that will satisfy any users needs with their wide variety of equipment some of which are the multi-process welder, the submerged arc equipment, TIG, and MIG welders, engine drives, stick welders, multi-operator welders, the wire feeders for arc welding and the advanced process welders.

With the high number of welding equipment performance, durability and reliability is what you should expect from Lincoln. And when it comes to the Lincoln 140 MIG welder they do come in different models and it is thus very easy to get confused. In case you didn’t know, under Lincoln 140 we do have 140, 140 HD, 140C MIG, then we also have the Easy-MIG, the Weld-PAK, the PRO MIG, and the MIG-PAK.

The above is a clear indication that users will most likely not be aware of which 140 model they really want and that will suit the purpose for which they intend to use. The 140 models are not your usual type of welder and do come at a steep price, but with high performance, even more, interesting is that the models can be utilized from a 120v receptacle.

What to expect from Lincoln 140 MIG welder

Now the big difference among the Lincoln welders is that one of them utilizes upgraded components and retails at a steep price but the specs are similar with some difference in appearance. However, there isn’t much difference in appearance but for the names and the faceplates that enable users to distinguish one from the other. So what should you expect from the welder?

On all the above 4 mentioned models you should expect a wire feed speed range of 50-500ipm, weight of around 22.7kgs. And when it comes to functionality the models have incorporated a heavy-duty wire drive system that a user can fully adjust thus obliterating the problem of wire crushing and tangling. The models have also utilized the brass to brass gun connectivity so you can be sure of a consistent supply of current, which will then translate to a perfect weld.

About noise, remember the welder can be used from a household socket and it will not be very nice if it made a lot of noise for you or your neighbors. So for the Lincoln 140 MIG welder, you can expect quiet operation, as it has been equipped with a cast aluminum gearbox that will also enhance drive torque.

Still, under the heavy-duty drive, users can expect to interact with the numeric turn tension indicator that will help identify the optimized ranges for the variety of wire diameters. Performance-wise users can expect minimal spatter during the smooth arc starts, and the welding output range as concerns amperage is peak and you can, therefore, get it from 30-400. Remember amperage is a large determinant of the quality of welds that you will achieve.

The MIG weld 24 gauge can also achieve up to 3/16 inches that is on sheet metal and on steel, and while utilizing the Lincoln Electric Innershileld wires then you can expect a weld of up to 5/16 inches.

Key features of the Lincoln 140 MIG welder

The Lincoln 140 HD and 140 C can function with the solid wire with gas or the flux core in 4 or 8-inch rolls. Their duty cycle is 20% @ 90 A with infinite wire speed control, the wire feed drives on the above two models are different in that the 140 HD model features a rugged cast aluminum 2-roller gearbox complete with an adjustable tension control that facilitates a smooth feed.

And for 140C, the wire feed is not only upgraded but fully adjustable and features a cast aluminum drive, which is also a two roller unit that is gear driven. The significance of the roller is to achieve a better grip on the wire. Another key feature is the alternating wire guide that allows users to swap them together with the drive rollers to accommodate the different wire diameters.

The above-upgraded wire feed drive feature on the MIG 140C enables users to achieve a stable arc and for the beginners, they can be guaranteed a seamless welding experience. As concerns voltage control the 140C has infinite adjustable options whereas the 140 HD users will have to utilize the wire speed adjustments to achieve the perfect weld settings, what’s more, is that users get up to four heat settings on the 140 HD.

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C is very handy when it comes to working the thin metal sheets, this is because of the incorporated k2525-1 spot timer, however, don’t expect the same on the 140HD model. There is also the PC board that you will find in your Lincoln 140C welder whose main purpose is to protect the welding machine from shock and contamination.

The PC board on 140 HD turns out to be very solid, so you should expect it to function without issues, however, maintenance is key and it would be wise if you took off the cover to get rid of the accumulating dust or other debris that have been pulled in by the fan. Lastly, we have the incorporated Diamond core technology.

And the latter is only available in the 140C model and helps in inductance control; by utilizing the above, users will be able to achieve both smooth and stable arcs. The variable inductance feature comes convenient for thin plates and allows even the novice welders to achieve professional welds.

Precautions to take during welding

The welding process is one risky affair if you don’t utilize proper welding gear, during the welding process there are sparks and spatter that will fly off and burn your skin if exposed, the flash that is produced during the process can also damage your eyes if you don’t utilize a welding helmet. What’s more, is that Flameproof apron and gloves should be utilized and your feet need to be protected by closed boots.

The second step is to evaluate your welding machine to ensure that it is recommended for the pending project and that you have the necessary skills required to set and operate the unit. As welder manufacturers strive to keep up with the current technological trends the welding machines will also incorporate some innovative features.

Therefore, be sure to familiarize yourself with the improved features so that you can use them in your projects to achieve professional results. And if you haven’t been using the welder for some time, inspect it to ensure that it is in good working condition. Loose bolts or frayed wires will be catastrophic if you tried to use the welder.

You will also need to carry out a small test of the material you are going to work on, this is to familiarize yourself with the pending project and ensure that you can handle it appropriately. Also, some metal plates may have been exposed to combustibles, or flammable chemicals, and even though there are those welders that can perfectly work on paint coated plates, it would be best to ensure that toxic fumes will not be produced.

Safety and emergency procedures are paramount in any welding workshop, emergency exits should be well labeled, and the fire extinguisher should be strategically placed including the fire alarms and a convenient landline phone. Carry out safety drills to ensure that everyone working with you is aware of the safety protocols and can initiate in case of an emergency.

Ventilation in a welding workshop will also enhance the health of the people you are working with, during welding there are fumes that are produced and if constantly inhaled they might cause problems to the respiratory system in the long run. Besides some people cannot survive in congested environments, it would, therefore, be appropriate if your working environment was naturally ventilated or incorporated some form of ventilation system.

Lastly, we know that you try to be effective in your job even if it means being innovative to make work easier, however, your innovative self should not for one-moment think of coiling the electrode cable over and around your body. The reason you should avoid this is so that in case of an accident you can be saved or easily get away from the scene.


  • Comes incorporated with the diamond core technology
  • Features alternating wire guides for the different wire diameters
  • Comes equipped with a sturdy metal wire feeder
  • The Lincoln 140 MIG welder come in a variety of models


  • Issues with motherboard during wire feeding
  • Advanced welding might need a user to purchase other welding supplies


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Final thought

Lincoln as a brand is an industry leader, which then translates to high performance, reliability, and durability. Welders from this manufacturer feature innovative and advanced features and are made to cater to the different categories of users. The low priced welders are not less effective but can only do a limited number of operations effectively, so for whatever needs you have as regards welding Lincoln has got you covered.

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