Hobart 130 vs. 140

The number of welders keeps on increasing each day as different manufacturers work hard to be the best at creating these machines. If you are interested in MIG welding, then one of the companies that you need to focus on is Hobart.

This manufacturer continues to produce high-quality models that you can use to weld different types of metals. Our discussion today focuses on two models from the company that offers room for both intermediate and beginner welders. Whether you are entirely new to welding machines or have some experience in one, you should understand how Hobart 130 compares to 140 so that you can decide which one suits you best. This comparison table should cover most of the basics. Enjoy!

Comparison table

Product Hobart 130 Hobart 140
Duty cycle 20% @ 85 Amp 20% @ 90 Amp
Metal thickness 24 gauge-3/16 “ 24 gauge-1/ 4”
Cord length 8 ft. 10ft.
Tapped voltage dials 4 5
Weight 51 pounds 57 pounds
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What are the similarities and differences between Hobart 130 and 140

As the name suggests, Hobart 130 and 140 originate from the same manufacturer. This should tell you that you should expect some similarities in them. The company, however, tries to distinguish them by incorporating some unique characteristics in each of the models. They both have flux core and MIG welding capabilities. This means that you can either use a flux-cored wire or a solid wire accompanied by a shielding gas.

The reason why many welders prefer both models is because they come with user-friendly controls, thus eliminating any confusing steps for beginners. Once you receive your package, you should start getting familiar with the dials included in each model to help you set the correct voltage before you can start welding. Both Hobart 140 and 130 operate on a regular household power and are 115V. You should also expect great feedback from using either of the Hobart models. They, however, differ in the following ways.

  • Use

If you need a welder for thinner materials, you should stick to Hobart 130. You can look for some of the MIG accessories later. Hobart 140, on the other hand, is best suited for thicker materials that do not exceed ¼ inches. This offers a broader welding range and can help you with lots of projects. The difference in capabilities also tells you why these two models are priced differently.

  • Details

If you look at the general appearance of both of the Hobart models, you might not tell them apart. They both have a similar layout and front dials. The difference, however, lies in their details. While Hobart 130 has an amperage of 85, the amperage for Hobart 140 is 90. Though the difference in these figures may seem small, it affects the overall performance of each model.

The duty cycle of a welder indicates how long you can use it over a 10-minute duration. Since both of them have a duty cycle of 20%, it should tell you that you can only weld for about 2 minutes continuously before stopping. Between the two models, Hobart 140 can give you a better maximum welding output compared to Hobart 130. This means that you can work on a broader range of gauges by choosing Hobart 140 as opposed to Hobart 130.

  • Voltage dials

Most of the models from Hobart often come with tapped voltage dials. This is a common feature that is also present in both Hobart 130 and 140. They, however, differ in that Hobart 140 has five positions, while Hobart 130 has 4. It implies that Hobart 140 has better granularity and great welding capability compared to Hobart 130. Hobart 140offers deep penetration on thicker metals and produces stronger welds as opposed to its counterpart.

  • Wire-feed control

Both of the welders have variable wire feed dials. The numbers range from 0-100. The wire feed speed in Hobart 130 ranges between 0-140 inches. Hobart 140, however, has a greater wire feed speed, which ranges from 40-700 inches. A greater wire feed speed indicates that a welder can perform much better.

Hobart 130

If you are searching for a portable welder that you can easily move around from one working station to the next, you should check out Hobart 130. The welder only weighs 51 pounds. You don’t have to buy a cart for you to carry this welder around. It is also a rugged welding machine that can easily penetrate stainless steel and iron. This welder only operates on phased DC power. It is a suitable welder that can enable you to weld medium and light thick metal.

One of the features that make this Hobart model stand out among other welding machines is the incorporation of the patented EZ mode. This implies that you can easily choose the settings you want to work with using the knob provided. Let the thickness of the material you are working on a guide on the right settings. The EZ mode is useful in that it saves you from making numerous adjustments constantly.

Hobart 130 also has a gas valve that comes in handy during MIG welding. This feature offers excellent control since it facilitates the release of gas input to the right level of gas output. Having a perfect blend of gases during MIG welding minimizes high levels of spatter. Paying attention to small details is what makes Hobart stand out from the rest of the welder manufacturers. For instance, in this model, the producer includes a spool shaft, which provides room for four spools.


  • Your purchase comes with a long-lasting warranty
  • Has a build-in contactor that enhances safety during use
  • The included thermal overload control feature is self-resetting


  • The duty cycle is low


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Hobart 140

Hobart 140

Most welders like the user-friendly controls that this welding machine has since even beginners can use it comfortably. Unlike some of the models out there, this is more versatile since you can use it to work on both thick and thin materials. Though the flexibility of this welder is undeniable, you should know that this is not a heavy fabrication welder. If you often deal with thicker materials that are more than ¼ inches, you need to consider choosing a larger Hobart model that would be better for the job.

It offers not only a stable operation but also durability so that you don’t have to keep on spending more replacing parts. Since it is a transformer-based welder, it can last for decades without malfunctioning. Research reveals that this is among the smallest Hobart welders that are ideal for homeowners. You should not experience any portability issues when working with this welder. It weighs 57 lbs and operates in 110V power.

This welding machine can work on metals between 20 gauge – 1/4″. It comes with a ground clump of 10ft, allowing you to handle numerous projects without having to drag the entire welder around. Its MIG gun also makes use of standard consumables, and the welder itself is comfortable to use.

Like the first model we have discussed, this also comes with a built-in gas valve, which enhances performance during MIG welding. Its spool hub assembly can also accommodate up to 8 spools. If you are still learning the basics of welding, make use of the door chart available to know the right settings to use.


  • It is lightweight
  • Contains efficient and straightforward controls
  • Operates on 110v power
  • Durable transformer



Many welders continue praising Hobart welding equipment since the manufacturer does an excellent job of fulfilling the needs of every professional. If you want to try out one of the models form this company, you need to check out Hobart 130 and 140 since they accommodate most people. These two models may have similar appearances, but they have different capabilities.

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While Hobart 130 is designed for thinner metals, Hobart 140 offers more welding capabilities since it can weld both thin and thick materials. After comparing the two models, we discovered that Hobart 140 is a more capable model since it has a greater wire feed speed, higher amperage, more voltage dials, and a longer cord length.


Does Hobart 130 come with an adaptor for the spools?

Though this Hobart model can hold up to 8 spools, it lacks an adaptor. You have to buy this separately to accommodate the spools. This also makes it different from Hobart 140, which comes with a spool hub.

Can you weld aluminum with either of the Hobart models?

No. Both Hobart 140 and 130 are not designed to weld aluminum. They lack a means for fitting the required spool gun in them. This feature is a crucial requirement for welding aluminum.

What is a MIG welder?

This is a welding machine that makes use of shielding gas and a solid wire during welding.

Do you get a manual when you buy Hobart 140?

Yes. It comes with a comprehensive manual that allows you to set it up and start welding immediately.


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