Hobart Handler 100 Welder Review

Beginners and Experts alike always access the manufacturer’s manual to once again confirm the setup process or learn how to set up and use a new welding machine. So, when you take out an electrical equipment from its box and you don’t find the manual you will be shocked and the knowledge that you had on how to assemble the equipment will leave you for a few minutes, and you will probably think the equipment is a knock off.

To which end the manufacturers of the Hobart handler 100 have you covered, as they have included a parts list, a guideline on the installation process, how best to maintain your welder guideline, and instructions on how to operate the Hobart handler 100. So whether you are a newbie or an expert in welding, the Hobart handler 100 will not be a head-scratcher to install or to use.

Over the years Hobart has managed to establish itself amongst enthusiasts beginning with the fact that the company initially championed for the education of welders, to the extent of establishing a non-profit school that later produced a good number of welders. So you now understand the passion that Hobart has in the making of quality welding units.

However, recently the company changed hands and is currently under Illinois Tool Works that went ahead to establish the Miller electric. So you can rest assured that the standards of the Hobart welders have not declined but rather improved to feature digital innovative features.

What to expect from Hobart Handler 100

The Hobart handler features a very intuitive design on its face, using the different control features does not involve a steep learning curve. Therefore, on the face of the Hobart 100, you will notice that there are some two knobs, one that is used to control the wire speed so you can achieve a perfect weld and the other that is used to control the voltage.

On the right side, there is an on and off switch and on the lower left side, there is a provision for the MIG gun. At the top of the welder, you will notice a carry handle and a comfortable one at that for ease of movement. And from the outlook, you will notice that the welder is compact so, you won’t have any issues with storage.

We can, therefore, safely say that the Hobart handler does feature a simple design, but its simplicity should not deceive you to think that it is less functional as it can achieve a 3/16 inch weld while utilizing steel.

Key features of the Hobart handler

The first significant feature of the Hobart handler is the four output voltage settings; remember that voltage is responsible for the movement of electric charges through a conductor. The feature will, therefore, be convenient for users in adjusting the arc, to accommodate different thicknesses.

The welder also comes with a broad output range beginning from 30 up to 100 amps that will enable users to weld up to 3/16 inches. The incorporated spool hub assembly is versatile and allows the user to use up to 4 which are normally small or 8 inch spools that are a bit large to suit different user welding needs.

And though light in weight the welder has incorporated some protective features that will outlive the granted three-year warranty, such as the self-resetting thermal overload. The latter works by restricting power to the motor when it starts drawing too much current from the power supply for a longer period, this, therefore, protects the power transformer from overload thus enhancing usability and reliability.

There is also a built-in contractor, this feature is very necessary because it will help you achieve an almost professional weld with regard to your welding skills. What it does is that it keeps the flux-cored wire electrically cold until you are ready to use the welder.

Remember that there are moments when you will switch on your welding machine and might not use it immediately, so without the contractor, your wire will electrically heat prior to using, and when you now initiate current it will melt so fast and might not produce a very good weld. But with the contractor, the wire will remain cold even if you have switched on the welder up until you pull the trigger.

The feed head of the Hobart handler 100 features a durable material complete with a quick-release drive roll tension lever. The above feature becomes relevant the moment you want to thread new wire, the tension is also adjustable.

What is included with the Hobart handler 100

Other relevant accessories that come incorporated with the welder are a working cable complete with a clamp, so you can jump right into work in case you need to. There are also 8mm contact tips, whose function is to pass the welding current over to the consumable wire. A welding gun has also been provided and it can comfortably handle a 9mm wire.

There is also a power cord with a plug so you only need to identify a suitable receptacle and the good thing is that you can plug it into a household socket given that it can be accommodated with an 115v receptacle. And as we mentioned earlier you will not encounter any setup problems because you will use the weld set up charts, and the parts list to ensure that all the listed accessories have accompanied the unit.

Most welders have incorporated the adjustable wire speed feed feature to give users the liberty of working with a speed that they are comfortable with to achieve the required weld. However, for the Hobart handler 100, the feature is not enabled thus a downside, also the machine will only work on the projects that involve steel.

Points to consider before using arc welding electrodes

The quality of your arc welding electrode has much to do with the outcome of the weld, to which end Hobart also manufactures the products, but then again what do you need to consider before using the relevant welding electrode.

In most cases, the weld is prone to crack when done on a thick or heavy material that also features a complex design. You should, therefore, choose an electrode that can withstand the welding current without becoming weak or brittle.

Electrodes do have different properties and some can only work well with the alternating current, while others will use the direct current. You, therefore, need to be keen not to mix up the two however, some can use both.

Not all welding wires will produce good results on all positions, so to use an electrode with the recommended position, it is best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations or the distributors, but be informed that there are also electrodes that can work well under any position.

And what about the strength of your base metal? For a successful weld, project try and find out the properties of the base metal and determine if it relates to the electrode that you plan on using, also the electrode should match the base metal composition.

Points to consider before initiating a welding process

Before you begin welding there are important environmental and personal safety factors that should be adhered to, such as putting on the proper welding gear, to prevent fire sparks and spatter from burning your skin. There are also the safety glasses that will protect your eyes from the light flashes and fire sparks.

Your working environment should also be free of water, and combustibles, in general, it should be clean so that in case of an accident, fire breakout can be minimized. Inhaling the fumes is not a very wise thing and users, as well as those who are close by, should strive to keep off the fumes.

Also, check your welding machine and ensure that everything has been fixed properly as you will most likely encounter loose nuts and bolts in case the welder hasn’t been used for a long while or is still new. Welding processes differ and users need to be conversant with all of them because they are used in different applications.

Some are easy to use such as MIG, Plasma cutting and Stick welding, but TIG is a bit hard because first you have to use both your hands during welding, and mostly entails architectural or automotive work. Knowledge of the welder’s voltage is also necessary, as concerns the usable receptacle and the thickness and the thinness of the weld materials.

Some welders cannot be attached to the household socket but can be used with generators in case you don’t have a welding workshop with a higher voltage receptacle.

Professionals in the welding industry can use beginner welders, but beginners will find it hard to use the high-end professional welding machines. Therefore, instead of purchasing a welding machine that will gather dust on the shelf because you are unable to set it up, best you choose one with regard to your skills and get a professional one once you’ve honed your skills.

Pros of using the Hobart Handler 100 welder

  • Light in weight thus portable
  • Can be used from a household receptacle
  • Equipped with a self-resetting thermal overload protector
  • Incorporates a built-in contractor

Cons of using the Hobart Handler 100 welder

  • Can only work with steel materials
  • Does not feature an adjustable wire feed speed


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Final thought

Hobart as a welder manufacturer has been known to make good quality electrical equipment; they thus thrive on performance, durability, and reliability. So in case, you were having doubts about whether to choose the welder you can rest assured that it will suffice for whatever welding needs that you have.



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