Can You Learn to Weld by Watching Videos?

There are a lot of different professions that rely on skills that you can only develop through training and experience. That said, welding is an ever-present profession that has been around for as long as we can remember because of how important it is to rely on the skills, experience, and judgment of a trained welder. So, if you want to become a welder, is it possible to learn how to weld by watching videos?

It is possible to learn the basics of welding by watching videos. However, the most important part about welding is the knowledge, skills, and experience that you learn through practical training. Even if you do know the basics by watching videos, you still need to apply the skills on a practical level.

The thing about welding is that this isn’t an art that you learn merely by relying on books and on instructions. Instead, welding takes a lot of practical knowledge and skills that can only be honed through proper training. That is why, while you can learn how to weld by watching videos, you still need to make sure that you apply your knowledge through training. 

Can You Learn Welding By Watching Videos?

In today’s more modern world, it has become quite easy for us to learn a lot of different things in a way that is quite approachable and very handy without spending a lot of money. Yes, we are talking about the different instructional videos that we see online, as a lot of us have been relying on them to learn some new skills that can be useful for practical purposes.

In relation to that, a profession such as welding is something that relies a lot on the skills, knowledge, and experience of the welder. This means that you need to be able to develop all of those attributes for you to become a good welder. And what you should know is that advancing as a welder can be pretty good as far as its career path is concerned.

So, if you want to be a welder, is it possible for you to take the more convenient and cost-efficient approach by learning how to weld through instructional videos?

Theoretically speaking, it is possible for you to learn how to weld by watching different instructional videos online. That’s because these instructional videos are actually very good when it comes to how they allow you to learn the fundamentals of welding and how you should approach welding in a way that is safe and effective.

Nevertheless, the thing about welding is that this is an art that is better learned when you actually do it and when you apply the basics and fundamentals that you learned through the different videos you watch. While it is possible for you to learn welding through videos, everything you learn from them is only surface-level. That means that you still need to find another avenue to advance your skills and training in welding.

Think of it as something similar to watching instructional videos on how to shoot a gun. These videos are effective at teaching us the basics of how to hold a gun and how to make sure that we are using the proper form and stance to minimize the recoil while maximizing our aim. However, the thing you need to know is that you will never get to apply what you learn in the videos without actually shooting a gun.

Similarly, you can pick up the basics of welding on a theoretical level when you do watch instructional welding videos. However, you will never be able to become a welder if you only rely on those videos without applying them on a more practical level, such as using the knowledge on a welding job or by working as an apprentice for an experienced certified welder.

It is also worthy to note that the welding certification exam will test both your knowledge and your practical skills in welding. So, while you may be able to pass the theoretical part of the test, there is no way you will ever pass the practical exam unless you have used your welding skills extensively in the real world.

So, that said, those who have learned how to weld through online videos have also bolstered their chances to pass the welding certification exam by applying for apprenticeships under experienced welders or by working as laborers in fields that require a bit of welding. Doing so allowed them to have the avenue to apply the fundamental skills and knowledge they picked up from watching welding instructional videos.

All in all, watching instructional videos can be a good way for you to learn welding on a surface level. However, welding is a hands-on trade. It is similar to a skill like driving in the sense that the only way for you to learn how to do it is to actually do it. That is why you need to augment your welding knowledge by actually finding ways to practice welding.

Which Youtube Channels Are The Best For Learning How To Weld?

While we did say that relying on videos alone won’t be enough to help you become a welder, there are still some videos that are good enough to give you a lot of different perspectives regarding welding. And you may be able to pick up a thing or two from these different YouTube channels:

1. Welding Tips and Tricks

With over 540,000 subscribers on YouTube, Welding Tips and Tricks is the top welding channel on YouTube. Most of their videos are for inspiration and entertainment, as they never claim that you should rely on their videos alone to learn to weld. They even said that it is best to learn under an expert due to how dangerous welding is.

2. ChukE2009

ChuckE2009 has a lot of different videos about machinery, welding, and metalworking. The owner of the channel, which has over 450,000 subscribers, has been a welder since 2009 after three years of formal education and five different welding certifications. That means that you are truly learning from a professional who knows what he is doing.

3., with over 200,000 subscribers, is a good way for you to learn new tips and tricks regarding plenty of different fields of welding. And the best thing about this channel is that the videos are shot in a way that allows you to put yourself in the position of the welder.

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