Can I Be a Welder Without Formal Education?

Because manual labor jobs do pay well enough, it might be high time for you to think about becoming a welder as a career path of choice. Welders are highly in demand in today’s world because of the technical skill it takes to become an effective welder. So, if you want to one, can you actually become a welder without formal education?

Going to a school right after high school is not necessary to become a welder. While some employers might prefer those with formal education, there are some who became welders by learning on the job or by becoming an apprentice. However, it might take longer to become a welder by starting as a laborer.

Like a lot of the different manual labor and skill-based jobs we have in today’s society, it isn’t necessary for you to go to school to become a welder. As long as you have finished your high school education, you may be able to become a welder through different means that don’t involve formal education.

Can I Be A Welder Without Formal Education?

Jobs that rely on skilled manual laborers will always be around even though we are progressing towards a world that relies on automation rather than on manual labor. That’s because there are some jobs that really require the skills of a human. One such job is welding, as only a skilled and experienced welder can do a proper welding job. Of course, welding is also a good-paying job.

So, because you believe that you have what it takes to excel as a welder and to earn well enough in a welding job, you might be thinking of becoming one. But can you be a welder without having to go through any sort of formal education?

The good news for those who can’t afford to go to school or would rather prefer to work instead of going to school is that you can be a welder without formal education. There is no requirement that you need to go to school to become a welder.

At the most, the only educational requirement to become a welder is a high school diploma. As long as you have finished your high school education, there is no need for you to go to a vocational school or take courses to become a welder.

Then again, there might be a difference between going to school and learning without formal education when it comes to a job that relies a lot on skills, formal training, and experience such as welding.

How Important Is Formal Education In Welding?

Even though it might not be necessary for you to go to school again to become a welder, it still is important for you to know that there are some benefits if you decide to take formal welding education. Aside from how some employers prefer those who have formal education, there are also some things that you can get by going to a welding school.

Going to welding school will allow you to gain the technical skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in a lot of different types of workplaces instead of having a more focused approach. This means that your training and knowledge will have a more holistic approach. Of course, going to school also allows you to have a good mix of technical expertise, practice, and theoretical knowledge when it comes to welding.

Another thing that you need to know when it comes to welding is that knowledge of different types of gases and chemicals is quite important in the field because of how this can help keep you safe. Knowledge isn’t always something you gain when you work on the field as a welder, even though you do get to learn a lot about the practical side of welding when you start off as a laborer. Still, there are some other things that you need to learn as well, such as:

  • Chemical hazards coming from different types of fumes and gases
  • The dangers of getting exposed to radiation such as infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • Electrical dangers from shorted circuits or from shocks
  • Explosions and fires caused by different types of gases and flammable materials

Safety is important when it comes to welding, and knowing how to stay safe while welding is something that you can learn better when you are at school. While there are some welders that learn this on the job, they usually do so the hard way, especially when they get to see some people getting exposed to such dangers. At worst, those who prefer to start off as laborers may actually learn the dangers of welding themselves.

All that said, you can benefit a lot from going to school to become a welder. Still, there is no need for you to go to school if you can’t afford it or if you don’t have the time for formal education.

What Does It Take To Become A Welder?

If you want to know how to become a welder without having to go through formal education, there are some methods that you can use.

The first way to become a welder without going to school is to take an apprenticeship program. There are different websites that offer you a chance to become an apprentice to skilled professional laborers such as welders. The best part about an apprenticeship program is that you get to learn on the field and under the wing of a certified professional welder.

Another method you can use is to work as a laborer for jobs that involve welding. Even though you may not be a welder, there are still some manual labor jobs that have a bit of welding. As such, you will be able to learn how to weld on the field without having to go to school.

The downside of learning how to weld without going to school is that it might take more time for you to become a certified welder. That’s because the timeframe to learn how to become a welder tends to be longer for those who prefer to take an apprenticeship or a job with welding. Yes, there is a chance of earning money along the way, but it might take longer for you to get equipped with the proper skills and knowledge you need to become a welder when you don’t go to school.

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