Hobart 140 vs. Everlast 140

Are you thinking of developing a hobby in welding during your free time? This activity can help you accomplish small projects in your garage without any assistance. You only need the right tools for the job, starting with a welder.

One of the two brands that are quite common in the market is Hobart and Everlast. You need to compare how these two differ to find out which one you should buy depending on your level of expertise and specific task at hand. That is where we come in. Whether you are an amateur in welding or a pro, the right welding equipment can either make you love or detest your experience. Go through this Hobart 140 vs. Everlast 140 review to find out which tool is right for you.

Comparison table

Product Hobart 140 Everlast 140
Duty cycle 20% @ 90A 60% @ 90A
Input voltage 115 V 120 V
Flux core functionality Available Not available
Weight 57 lb. 28 lb.
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What is the difference between Hobart 140 and Everlast 140?

  • Flux-cored function

If you specialize in flux core welding, you should stick to Hobart 140 since Everlast 140 lacks this functionality. Some people also choose Everlast welder and buy a drive roller separately to help them with this form of welding. This, however, means that you have to incur extra costs. Due to the lack of this functionality in Everlast, it is suitable for mild stainless steel and steel. Hobart 140, on the other hand, can be used on thick aluminum or steel materials.

  • Door chart

Even though both Hobart and Everlast are beginner-friendly, the presence of a door chart can determine how user-friendly a welding machine is. While Hobart includes a door chart, Everlast fails to include this feature. A door chart is relevant since it guides you on the settings you should use as you work on different materials with varying thicknesses. If you choose Everlast, you should have some basic knowledge regarding how to set up welding machines.

  • Duty cycle

If you focus on the specifications of both welders, you will not fail to notice a similarity in the maximum power output. Everlast, however, has an increased duty cycle, which allows you to weld for longer compared to using Hobart.

  • Safety

Apart from the specific features, a good welder should be safe to use. You don’t want a versatile machine that does not prioritize your safety. Hobart 140 contains some safety features, such as the thermal overload system. This gives you maximum protection regardless of the power surge. The producer of Everlast 140, on the other hand, fails to mention the inclusion of such safety features.

  • Portability

The difference in weight between these models is a clear indicator of which one is more portable. Since Everlast 140 is lighter, you should experience no mobility issues. It also comes with a handle, a shoulder strap, and a carry case to simplify this. If you still prefer Hobart 140 due to the rest of the features but find it hard to move around, you should invest in a wheeled cart.

Hobart 140

Produced by Hobart, this is a Flux-cored welder that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Most people find it to be a reliable model that is suitable for a lot of household projects due to its maximum power output. You can use it for fence work, auto body tasks, or even motorcycle exhausts.

If you are searching for a welder that will give you value for your cash, then Hobart 140 is what you need. You not only spend less on the equipment but also enjoy an impressive warranty for the parts. A lot of welders have been depending on this machine for years and experience minimal issues with it. You can start using it as soon as you purchase the equipment since it comes with all the accessories as well as features you need to accomplish the job.

Some of the accessories included in your package are a flux core wire, the regulator that comes with a gas hose, and a MIG gun. Ensure you have your gas cylinder and safety equipment for you to start using this equipment.

This welding machine allows you to weld thin materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and steel. Due to its flux-cored capability, you can also weld thicker materials that do not exceed ¼ inch. The manufacturer offers room for beginners in the creation of this model by including the wire feed speed. This allows you to make adjustments accordingly, depending on what you are working on.

Whether you are welding on thin or thick steel, the various voltage settings available should come in handy. If you have never used a welder before, you may be confused about the right settings to use. That is why the manufacturer includes a door chart inside the machine to give you proper guidance. Hobby welders also like the lightweight of this equipment. If you would like to transport it, use a wheeled cart that offers room for both the machine and your gas cylinder.


  • It offers great control
  • You can work on different thicknesses smoothly
  • Easy to configure and start using
  • Comes with safety features
  • It is affordable


  • Some people find the length of the power cord short
  • It is not the best for large size projects


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Everlast 140

If you don’t have a lot of space for a welder, you might like the compact size of this model. It is not only small but also lightweight for portability purposes. Since it makes use of the inverter design, the transformer is quite small, lowering the power consumption of the machine and reducing its overall weight. It also comes with a handle for smooth movement. This robust welder can be used to conduct both light professional tasks and household projects,

The manufacturer of this model tries to simplify things for everyone by adding responsive controls on the front part of the machine. Since it comes with a 110V input power, you should not have any issues plugging it directly to your socket in the house. The incorporation of wire feed speed allows you to modify the settings of this machine. You can use it on materials that have a thickness between 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch.

Though Everlast is a cheaper model compared to most welders available, it lacks some of the features, including the flux core. Your purchase guarantees you a five-year warranty for the replacement of faulty parts. One of the issues that most welders are concerned about is the high consumption power caused by some of the models in the market. You should not have to pay high electricity bills with this model since it is known to be energy efficient.


  • Contains durable IGBT components
  • Lightweight
  • Offers enhanced welding time
  • Consumes less power


  • Poor quality ground clamp
  • Does not come with the MIG wire


Doing some general repair at home can save you a lot of costs in the long run. If you are ready to learn how to weld on your own, you need to start by getting the right equipment. It is clear that both Hobart 140 and Everlast 140 are suitable for small to medium-sized jobs.

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Though they are both from well-known companies, most people find Hobart 140 a better option since it is more equipped in regards to its features. For instance, it contains five voltage settings, flush core functionality, thermal overload mechanism, and a door chart. It also gives you better capabilities to handle thicker metals compared to Everlast 140.


What is the purpose of a welder?

This machine is used to weld materials such as iron, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. It can help you fuse two elements using heat.

Which are the different forms of welding I can try?

Different welders practice various forms of welding. Some of the forms include a Metal inert gas, Tungsten inert gas, stick, flux core, and cold wire TIG.

Should I choose a welder with flux core functionality?

It depends on the thickness of the metal you are working on. Flux core welding is ideal for thick joints. It gives you great penetration and allows you to travel in different directions as you weld smoothly. You can use such a welder for general repairs outside the house.

How can I select the right welder?

Though the market has numerous welders, choosing one is a personal decision. Before you choose one, you need first to identify the different types of welding projects you undertake and the materials you use often. Determine the precise thickness of metal you intend to weld so that you make the right choice.

What should I pick between Hobart 140 and Everlast 140?

It depends on the particular features you are looking for from a welder, as well as your budget. Both models deliver good performance, but Hobart 140 comes highly recommended.

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins is a welder by profession, and welding has been his thing since childhood as he was able to learn how to use the welding machines at a tender age of 10 from his father. Growing in the countryside meant that they had to depend on themselves even for the toughest metal projects. He, therefore, owns a welding workshop and has been growing the shop for the past 25 years. Higgins is a widower and a father of one, he recently developed a passion for writing to educate people on what goes into welding in the hope that people will take the career seriously and get the necessary training to do the job.

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