Hobart 140 vs. 210

Have you been thinking of paying a welder to repair auto-body parts? Though you may like their services, you have to part with a lot of money since welding is expensive. Save your money by teaching yourself how to weld different metals.

For you to start investing in this hobby, you must understand the different types of welders available. One of the popular manufacturers that most welders consider is Hobart. The company is known to produce high-quality MIG welders that are often used on various projects. For instance, you can use welders such as Hobart 140 and 210 to maintain metal equipment at home.

Understanding how these two specific models differ, however, can help you choose the right welder for the particular materials you are working on. We are here to help you distinguish Hobart 140 from 210 so that you can make an informed decision. Enjoy!

Comparison table

Product Hobart 140 Hobart 210
Weld thickness 1/ 4 inch 3/8 inch
Weight 57 lb. 79 lb.
Input Voltage 115V 230/115V
Power output 140 A 210 A
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How do Hobart 140 and 210 compare?

Before we focus on the differences between these two models, it is good to look at how they are similar. First, they are both made by the same manufacturer. They also have identical functionalities in that both of them can perform MIG and flux-cored welding. This means that you can use either of the two welders to work on thin and thick materials. Despite such similarities, the models differ in the following aspects.

  • Power

Though both of the welders are quite powerful, Hobart 210 is believed to offer better performance since it gives you the chance to attach more than one input voltage receptacle. You can either use an input voltage of 230 or 115 V. That is why the model can be used for both professional industrial purposes as well as residential use. Hobart 140, on the other hand, only runs off 115V, making it ideal for small household projects.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the metal should help you determine the type of welder you need to choose. Even though both Hobart welders are suitable for thin and thick metals, Hobart 210 provides room for welding thicker metals. You can use it on metals that are 3/8 inches as opposed to Hobart 140 that is only suitable for metals below 1/4 inches thick.

  • Voltage settings

While Hobart 210 has seven voltage settings, Hobart 140 has five settings. Hobart 210, therefore, gives you more ways of optimizing your welding according to the specific material you are working on.

  • Portability

Even though most enthusiasts love the enhanced features of Hobart 210, they dislike its weight. This is a heavy machine that weighs 79 pounds. If you want to make it portable, you should have extra money for a cart. This also provides extra room for the gas cylinder as well as the cables for welding. Many people, however, find Hobart 140 more portable since it weighs less.

Hobart 140

If you have never tried welding before but are eager to learn, then this model is an ideal choice. One of the reasons why this model continues to become more popular is because it is solidly built. You can use this welder to conduct general repair jobs such as auto body repair or trailer frames. The welder can work on metals that do not exceed 1/4 inch in thickness.

This is a MIG welding equipment that also comes with the flux-cored functionality. Choosing this model means that you don’t have to attach a gas cylinder to the cylinder during use. Having both capabilities ensures that you enjoy great diversity during welding. You can start welding as soon as you have made your purchase since the manufacturer includes all of the accessories needed for welding.

It has a smooth running arc that helps in delivering excellent results. Whether you prefer welding thick or thin materials, this welder gives you that flexibility. The wire feed speed offers you the chance to make precise adjustments during welding. As long as you are working on a household project, its maximum power output should be sufficient. You only need a power plug for you to connect this welder and start working. It runs on a low input voltage of 115 V.

You will also like the various voltage settings that the manufacturer includes in this model. You get further guidance, thanks to the incorporation of a chart that can inform you of the specific settings you should use as you work on different metals with various thicknesses.

If your work involves different welding equipment from one station to the other, you need a lightweight and portable welder. This model weighs only 57 pounds, making it suitable for hobby welders. You will also find the price of this model cost-effective compared to Hobart 210. If any of the parts malfunctions, you can always get a replacement since the manufacturer provides a long term warranty.


  • It gives you value for your cash
  • Great arc quality
  • The welder is beginner-friendly
  • Contains durable components
  • You can easily regulate various voltage settings


  • It is not suitable for large industrial projects
  • The power cord is short


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Hobart 210

Have you been welding for some time now and prefer Hobart models for this purpose? If yes, then you can easily tell that not many welders from this company run on 210A power in movable cases. Hobart 210 is, however, a one of a kind model that is not only powerful but also reliable. You can, therefore, use this to perform a broad range of applications.

This welder provides room for metals that are up to 3/8 inches thick. It can, therefore, help you work on numerous metals on items such as boats or cars. Some people in the construction field also enjoy welding with this machine. You can enjoy excellent arc performance due to the inclusion of the wire feed speed feature. Unlike some of the welders, you don’t have to deal with spatter after welding using this equipment. Since it comes with a smooth wire feed, the welder does not jam easily.

Apart from using the standard wall voltage, it is possible to run the welder on an input voltage of 230V. The welder also allows you to choose at least seven voltage positions for the 230 V or four voltage positions when using the 115V input voltage.

Like the previous model, this also comes with a chart to help you set it up fast and start welding. For this reason, even amateurs find this welder easy to set up and use. If you want to weld, for instance, a metal such as aluminum, you can easily swap from the conventional MIG gun to the spoon gun. It also eliminates overheating concerns since the welder contains safety features such as thermal overload protection.


  • Has an internal storage area
  • Suitable for lots of applications
  • The welder is long-lasting
  • Contains safety features
  • Great arc performance


  • Some people reveal that the ground wire that this welder come with can be a bit stiff
  • Due to its weight, you need to invest in a wheeled cart, thus translating to more expenses.


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From the above, it is easy to tell how these two Hobart models compare. Though both of them deliver exceptional results, Hobart 210 is an enhanced model compared to Hobart 140. This is because of its dual input voltage and ability to weld even thicker metals. Professionals also choose Hobart 210 over 140 since it is more powerful and has more voltage settings.

When you are willing to spend a substantial amount on a welder, you expect it to give you the versatility to weld different materials. Though you may pay a higher price for Hobart 210, it does not disappoint since it can help you weld both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The choice to pick either of these models depends on your level of experience in welding. While most beginners stat with the basic Hobart 140, experienced welders like the enhanced functionalities of Hobart 210.


What is a welder with both MIG and flux-cored welding functionality?

Such a welder provides room for both flux wires and solid wires. A welder that can perform both functions is better than one that only has one single functionality since it enhances flexibility.

What makes Hobart 210 more efficient than 140?

It has all the necessary features that can help manage most of the welding projects in your garage, home, or at work. Hobart 140, on the other hand, is suitable for small projects.

Can you get high-quality welds from using Hobart welders?

Yes. Most of the welders from the company stand out among other brands due to their versatility. They also give you control during welding due to the numerous settings included in them.

What should I consider when buying a welder?

You need to consider the process type of a welder, its input voltage, the size as well as the duty cycle.

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins is a welder by profession, and welding has been his thing since childhood as he was able to learn how to use the welding machines at a tender age of 10 from his father. Growing in the countryside meant that they had to depend on themselves even for the toughest metal projects. He, therefore, owns a welding workshop and has been growing the shop for the past 25 years. Higgins is a widower and a father of one, he recently developed a passion for writing to educate people on what goes into welding in the hope that people will take the career seriously and get the necessary training to do the job.

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