Forney 322 Welder Reviews

You might be conversant with welders but anytime you come across a new brand, there is always the curiosity of finding out, if it is like the one you are used to, or if it has incorporated some innovative features or maybe it doesn’t function as effectively as your previous one. A lot of questions will definitely cloud your mind to the point of being scared to use the welder.

So, what if I told you that you could get someone to hold your hand, as you get acquainted with your new Forney 322 welding machine, yes! That’s exactly what Forney does, they provide you with a quick start guide to help orient you with the welder and enable a fast and easy setup. Forney has managed to stay ahead of Horbat and Lincoln electric when it comes to being the number one provider of welding equipment.

And the reason is that they keep innovating and consistently put out new advanced products, and even though they produce products that can be used at home, their main focus is on the industrial markets. Welders from Forney are characteristic of high performance, are reliable, durable and incorporate innovative features.

What should you expect from Forney 322 welder?

Now that you have decided to know more about the Forney 322 welder, let us provide you with information on what you should expect if you decide to invest in this welder. For starters is that you will be able to handle many projects because the Forney 322 incorporates the MIG gas process, the Flux-cored no gas process, and lastly the Stick and TIG processes. Remember that all the above have different applications.

The welder weighs 47.2 pounds, you will, therefore, have no problem transporting it to various job sites. The upper part of the welder has been equipped with a comfortable handle for comfort, whereas the outer part is made of a durable metal material. The machine also has an 8feet code for ease of movement and will also allow you to work from different postures.

Forney, as discussed above, is a reputable company and just to show you how much faith they have invested in the Forney 322, they have granted users a whopping 5-year warranty. However, the warranty is not comprehensive as the axle, the switches, and the wheel have not been covered and you might also have to dig into your pockets to pay for labor.

Forney 322 does come at a steep price yet it can interestingly function with the standard 120v household receptacle. And given its versatility in use, the machine is well suited for professionals, but beginners should consult the manufacturer’s guide before settling on using the welder.

Key features of the Forney 322 welder

How to choose welding wire

Apart from being a multiprocess welding machine the Forney 322 has incorporated the inverter technology. The above is an electronic system for voltage regulation and this is where your electricity is conserved, what happens is that the inverter converts Alternating Current to a lower but effective output voltage.

Also included are a regulator and a gas hose that come in handy whenever a user wants to alternate between different welding functions. Users will also be able to access up to 140 amps which means they can handle different levels of thick and thin metal plates while achieving the perfect weld. The duty cycle is at 20% with an output of 100A making the welder handy for light welding projects.

The Forney 322 is still the new kid in the welding industry block and as usual, it must offer something that sets it above the rest, to which end it comes with a spool gun capability, though it doesn’t come incorporated with the welder. There is also the stick electrode holder with the option of disconnecting the torch, and a longer torch/gun that will comfortably work with the common consumables.

Incorporated is the HD cast durable aluminum drive system that has been geared with drive rolls and an idler. And if you have any concerns with regard to the MIG and Stick then it might interest you to know that both the processes feature a set up on the welder. Excluding some accessories is actually a downside but given the functionality of the welder, it would only be fair if you purchased some of the relevant accessories.

The above directly co-relates with the absence of the foot pedal and the TIG torch that are going to cost you a few extra bucks. Forney has their customer’s interest at heart and that is why they have given you the recommended sizes of the various accessories just in case you need a replacement maybe because of wearing out.

For example, the diameter of the usable wires should measure .035 inches and the electrodes should have a diameter of 3/32 inches, and the recommended spool sizes are 4 and 8 inches respectively. Other necessary accessories that you have been provided with are a gas hose and a flowmeter.

Points to ponder before purchasing a multiprocess welder

You might have worked with welding machines for quite some time and it is very possible that you might have not interacted with a multiprocess welder. And since your workshop has grown or you have finally attained the necessary skills for welding, you now want to purchase high-performance machines like the Forney 322 welder.

And since you are not immune from knock-offs, you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up with one, and that is why we are here to give you some knowledge on what to put in mind before taking the multiprocess welder home.

The first most significant thing to put in mind is the input power? So where are you planning to use your welder, at home or the workshop or do you plan on carrying out welding jobs in different job sites. The big question, therefore, is whether you can provide the recommended input power so that you achieve the right output and consequently the proper welds.

Some welding machines will function with generators just in case you are unable to get a receptacle that offers the right power input. The second important point is your welding environment? How convenient is your welding space, will it contain the fumes produced by the welder or is it well ventilated. What about your own safety, does the room have enough space for escape in case of an emergency, does it have leaking water pipes that can accidentally lead to electrocution.

Another point that you should think about are the welding processes that you plan to work on and whether your welder can handle the beating without falling apart. Users should, therefore, choose a welding machine that can step up with regard to the processes or risk spending more cash to purchase a more reliable welder.

Also, consider the type of metals that you are going to weld; given that the Forney 322 is a multipurpose welder, you of course, expect it to work on every type of metal. But in general, you should acquire some knowledge of the different types of metals, their properties, and compatibility when it comes to using electrodes and flux-cored wires.

So now that you know about the types of metals, what about their density? Remember that you will be working with different types of metals with different levels of thickness and thinness, so does the provided amp and volt suffice, will they enable you to get a perfect or a professional weld. The Forney 322 might come at a steep price but it is a one of thing.

Picture this, your workshop runs different processes, therefore, your machine should be able to handle the intensity of the jobs, so investing in a multiprocess welder might prove to be cheaper and convenient than investing in separate machines for the different processes. However, the ultimate choice is yours, but remember that you get what you pay for, and your welding machine should not be subject to constant repairs, as it will negatively impact your ROI.

The multi-process welders also have their fair share of pros and cons, but it also depends on the brand that you are going with, so what are the pros and cons of the Forney 322? Continue reading.


  • Can be comfortably run from the standard household receptacle
  • Forney is a multiprocess welder and can, therefore, run stick welding, MIG and TIG thus 3 in 1
  • Comes incorporated with a free gas hose and flowmeter
  • Changing problems have been obliterated and users can expect to achieve the perfect welds thanks to the Euro connect welding gun.


  • The TIG torch and foot pedal have not been included
  • Cannot stand the long hours of welding or handle big projects


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Final thought

Why anyone wouldn’t want to go with the Forney 322 is beyond comprehension because one is that it can be used with the standard home receptacle, is a 3 in 1 welding machine, comes with a quick start guide, features an upgraded design, is highly portable and features an innovative design. Forney has been in the welding industry for quite some time to the point of winning the innovative award five times in a row, so what’s holding you back.

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